Traditional Garden Furniture in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Bespoke Garden Furniture from Gedding Mill

garden furniture, chairs and tables, made in bury st edmunds, suffolk.,uk.Running a traditional home in Cambridge means you will no doubt pay as much attention to your garden furniture as you do to the furniture inside your home. Creating a traditional look and feel with unique furnishings, is something we understand many of you will put of effort into, and take a lot of pride in, and whatever we can do as a company to help you in your endeavours is of course, very satisfying. From traditional gates to traditional garden benches, traditional garden tables to bespoke garden arches, the Gedding Mill team can work with you and help you maintain that traditional look and feel throughout your home.

Working with clients in Cambridge for over 30 years now means Gedding Mill possess and the experience and expertise you would come to expect from a company with the reputation that we have. Producing Traditional Garden Furniture for all of this time means we are well in tune with the needs of our customers, and the different styles of traditional properties that exist. We love nothing more than gathering all your ideas and bringing them to life in the form of traditional garden furniture.

Whatever ideas you have in your head, Gedding Mill are able to help you along the way. Sometimes design can be tricky, but this is something we are very good at. Our team of designers can tailor designs to suit our customers needs, something we understand they are very grateful for.

With a true passion for gardens and metalwork, we find manufacturing and designing Traditional Garden Furniture to be very pleasing. Our focus and attention to detail throughout each process means we are able to design and manufacture traditional garden furniture in good time, meeting deadlines if need be. Fully committing to every single project, no matter how big or small, has led us to where we are today, and our passion for creating new traditional garden furniture will continue to grow for many more years we are sure.

garden furniture, metal garden bench and table, made in bury st edmunds,suffolk,uk.Bespoke Traditional Garden Furniture from Gedding Mill

Traditional Garden Furniture is a must have for anyone with a traditional home. If you have been considering adding to your garden, then bespoke, custom designed furniture is an ideal option. You have certainly come to the right place – don’t have any doubts about that. Gedding Mill love meeting new people and working on new projects, as with each new idea comes new challenges. These challenges allow us to stretch our abilities and improve the way we work each time, which obviously benefits you, our customers, and ourselves of course.

When it comes to bespoke traditional garden furniture, Gedding Mill have a large portfolio which goes back three decades now from the day we first started doing what we do. Working throughout Cambridge and Cambridgeshire during this time means we have been able to work with a diverse range of people, which means we are never shocked by new ideas that you bring to us.

If you are looking for bespoke garden furniture or traditional garden furniture in Cambridge, make sure you get in touch with Gedding Mill.

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