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Our History

The original mill building, from which our company takes its name was built in 1904 by Charles Pike – Great Grandfather to the current director, Tom. The Mill replaced the two traditional Windmills to enable Charles to modernise his flour making business by using a static diesel engine to power the grindstone.

Over the next 50 years the industrial revolution made village millers a thing of the past and the Mill was sold to a local blacksmith by the name of Harold Pead who ran a successful business shoeing horses, repairing harrows and other types of agricultural machinery.

In 1984 the Mill was bought by Charles Pike’s Grandson, Edward Hitchcock, and inspired by images from the British Artist Blacksmith Association Magazine, Edward began forging artistic pieces of ironwork for customers who wanted something that was beyond simply functional. Assisted by his son in law Neil Hursey the business flourished.

During Edwards 22 year career, inspiration was drawn from far and wide and thousands of pieces of work were produced covering the artistic, architectural, domestic and commercial sectors.

In 1994 Edward and Neil were joined by the current Director, Edward’s Son Thomas. Tom learned the ropes and became more and more involved in the running of the business whilst remaining a key craftsman in the workshops.

Tom’s nephew Joe Hursey joined the business and had clearly inherited the family prowess for metalwork. He worked hard and honed his skills to becoming workshop foreman aged just 24.

In early 2008 the size and volume of commissions and contracts meant that we had outgrown the old Mill building, so at the start of 2012 we started work on a 6000 Sq. ft custom-designed workshop adjacent to the old mill building.

Naturally, as we’re experts in steel work we undertook the building of the structure ourselves and within a few months we had our brand new, purpose-built workshop with ample car parking a new office and staff walfare facilities.

We’re proud of our history and remain respectful of our heritage. Just as Great Grandpa Charles saw fit to replace the wind mills with a diesel-powered mill, our duty to our customers and commitment to perfection drives us to ensure we have the right facilities to create the best quality products. It’s a family tradition after all!