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Bespoke Hi End Metalwork

Custom Made Metalwork Tailored to your Specifications

Its been our pleasure over the years to work for an ever expanding list of interior designers and Architects on Bespoke Hi End Metalwork Projects . Recent projects have included design development, supply and fit of a host of interior metalwork creations, all over London. Whatever you looking for we can make it happen.

As you can see by looking at the gallery of images we have presented you with below, Gedding Mill are diverse in the way we work. Our capabilities span much further than the metalwork here however. Our experienced craftsmen have the skills and expertise to produce almost anything involved with metal.

When bespoke is the name of the game, Gedding Mill come up trumps every time, using all the knowledge we possess to create various forms of metalwork to meet your requirements. Domestic or commercial, it does not matter, Gedding Mill work to an incredibly high standard every single time, producing professional metalwork that would no doubt, as the saying goes, be fit for a king.

From fireplaces to staircases, shelving to tables, the possibilities are endless when speaking of bespoke high end metalwork. In every circumstance, we will work with you to get things right, and follow your specifications point by point and step by step, to ensure the finish you are looking for.

Whatever the metalwork might be, Gedding Mill take tremendous pride in what we do and the way we do it. Attention to detail and a high level of customer car has kept regular customers coming back to us year after year for new and exciting forms of bespoke metal work.

The products you see before you have been built to suit our customers needs. We build high end bespoke metalwork that you are sure to love. Call us today to talk more, or to ask for an estimated quote. We look forward to your call.