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Commercial Metal Fabrication

For over three decades Gedding Mill has excelled in the commercial metal fabrication side of the business and have been collaborating with clients creating bespoke metalwork to the required specification. Typical examples range from a few pieces of simple stainless steel skirting to 7.5 tonnes of high end architectural balustrade. And everything in-between! Precise mild steel and stainless box section fabrication is a mainstay of our business.

We have strong long standing relationships with local stockist companies which enable reliable and ultra fast turnaround of mild steel goods. We also have accounts and excellent relationships with stockists and suppliers nationwide.

When it comes to commercial metal fabrication, Gedding Mill have the power to achieve many great things, and as you can see by visiting the galleries below, we just don’t do things by half.

Gedding Mill commit 100% to every single project we take on, ensuring no matter who we work with, total satisfaction is there. Whether we are focusing our attentions on galvanised fabrication, copper fabrication, brass fabrication, or steel fabrication, the team here have the ability to turn your ideas into a reality.

As mentioned previously, we have over 30 years experience from working in an industry that requires a great deal of care, and whole lot of dedication. Seeing a project out from start to finish can sometimes be difficult, but after this amount of time, we are more than used to working on lengthy builds. It makes it all worth while when all the pieces of a puzzle come together, not just for ourselves, but for our beloved customers who sit and wait for their fabrications to come together.

This isn’t always the case though. In fact, from a commercial point of view, we regularly have customers work alongside us. This means we can work strictly to specifications and that any requirements our customers have can be met.

If you are looking for a company that specialises in Commercial Metal Fabrication then Gedding Mill certainly have the answers for you. Using a range of metals (and other materials), we are able to produce professional quality fabrications that you and your business need. Steel fabrication or stainless steel fabrication are popular requests, but no matter which material you ask us to use, we will always promise to meet your expectations.

Contact us today if you are looking for Commercial Metal Fabrications. We can work closely with you to ensure work is completed to the standard you require.

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