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garden furniture, chairs and tables, made in bury st edmunds,suffolk,uk

Bespoke Traditional Metalwork

Over the years a major part of our work in progress has been bespoke traditional metalwork. From Installed Automated main gates 300 miles away to a simple forged metal hook or rail – We do it all.
Designs can be worked precisely to if that is what’s required but we are also heavily into developing ideas for our customers all we need is a inspiration image or quick sketch to point  us in the right direction. Small projects are just as welcome as major ones here at Gedding Mill.

Regardless of the kind of traditional metalwork you are looking for, Gedding Mill have the answers right here for you. Our skilled craftsmen can work from a blank canvas, or can work off the ideas you give us. We encourage you to bring us a lot of ideas to start with however, so that we can gage a better understanding of what you are looking for. Gathering all these ideas together and discussing the positive and negative points of each will allow us to produce metalwork that you will likely fall in love with.

Metalwork is an Art

Bespoke Traditional Metalwork is an Art. Art can take many shapes and forms, just like metalwork, and can be looked at in many different ways. Art takes skill, and just like the work we produce from scratch, takes a great deal of imagination to find inspiration, and create effectively. Gedding Mill believe that we are Artists, from a certain point of view, and being so passionate about both art and metalwork, means we can keep coming up with new designs and bringing them to life.

If Bespoke Traditional Metalwork is of great interest to you, then please be sure to contact Gedding Mill today. We can talk more in depth about the process and how manufacturing bespoke metalwork actually works.