Entrance Gates

Bespoke Entrance Gates and garden gates are in constant production here at the Mill.

Main gates are a long standing speciality of our and forged gates, garden gates side gates and institutional gates are constantly being designed, repaired and produced in our workshops.

Of course its great when we are contacted by an architect of designer who knows exactly what is wanted, but this often not the case. If you’ve got the requirement for a gate but your not sure what exactly what you want – no problem, give us a call and we can design something to suit your requirements. Unusual sizes or site situations are not a problem. Gates can be traditionally forged or ultra modern in design, there is no limit. We can offer gates made of any material in our preferred galvanised and acid etched finish, powder coated or painted finishes.

In a time when so many low quality products are available it gives us great satisfaction to be involved in making quality pieces which will still be going strong in 100 years time.

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