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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel Fabrication

With stainless steel fabrication, we go the extra mile in our attention to detail.

Stainless Steel Fabrications, Stainless Steel Angle & Box section frames & stainless steel sheet metal fabrication all
in 240 Grit / DP1 are our speciality.

We have developed an enviable reputation on account of our dedication to fabrication accuracy and quality of finish.

It is usual for us to work with companies that often have a very short and mission critical lead time. This is a responsibility
that we take very seriously.
We maintain our promises and understand its fundamental importance.

Typical projects in stainless steel have included:

500 L/M of 240 Grit finished 50x50x3 Stainless Steel (304 grade), drilled and countersinks applied with mitred ends.
Stainless Steel Mirror Frames ex 25x25x3, 20x20x3, 30x20x3 and 20x10x3 Angle.
Stainless Steel Mirror Frames in Bright Polish.
Stainless Steel Corner Trims
Stainless Steel Skirting in 240 Grit / DP1 and 320 Grit
Vented Stainless Steel Skirting
Stainless Steel Recycling Bin Chutes
Stainless Steel Handrail Assemblies

Typical Processes:
3M pressbrake forming
TIG / MIG Welding
ElectroWand Weld Discolouration Removal
240Grit & 320Grit Polishing
Mirror Polishing
Water Jet Cutting
Laser Cutting
CNC turning

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