Interior Staircases

Over the last few years we have set our sights on Bespoke Metal Staircases and balustrades. We’re working on some amazing projects at the moment so more pictures soon. We pride ourselves on our creativity and willingness to turn our hand to anything metal, this is the very reason why our bespoke metal staircases are not only stunning but practical.

We always strive to make our bespoke metal staircases not only the centerpiece but be a fluid part of any architects designs allowing your ideas on paper become a practical reality. We have time served skilled craftsmen who turn flat designs into stunning pieces of art which can twist and turn beyond belief. With all of our work you can see the emotion in the creation and as always have a number of options for finishing at your disposal. From powder coated bespoke metal staircases to simple galvanised finishes the choices are yours.

Gedding Mill will never turn our noses up at the opportunity to create something new. This is our true passion and something we take great pride in.

When it comes to designing and creating metal staircases, this is no exception. Our team of master craftsmen are able to make reality out of dreams and turn two dimensional concepts into three dimensional works of art.

Bespoke Metal Staircases are beautiful in all their glory – If you are thinking of taking a turn away from your current staircase and moving towards something more bespoke and metallic, then Gedding Mill are able to answer all the questions you have. We can provide you with a stunning solution to pacify your soul, in the form of a stunning bespoke metal staircase that fits perfectly into your home or commercial setup.

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Interior Staircases are in regular production at Gedding Mill.


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